At MIKADO, language and culture blend into a universal understanding of one single vision: one name, one brand. Your name is everything you do. And everything we do. Strategy | The Numbers Game
We get it, the numbers matter. They’re the catalyst behind every great business strategy. But at MIKADO we take it one step further. As strategists we’ll sift through the noise and untangle the mess to truly uncover what those numbers actually mean, why they matter and how we can create results with them. We don’t just follow a formula. We meticulously chip away at whatever pieces are weighing you down and we work from the core up to reinforce your strengths, refresh your perspective and propel your business forward. Creative | The Glamour
Every brand has a personality, and we’re here to set it free. Our creative collection of artists and innovators, of raw talent and multicultural perspectives, work closely with your team to accentuate your brand’s essence because your brand is the stunning, elegant, enduring reminder of an efficient marketing masterpiece. Like getting ready for a night on the town, we’ll dream up the perfect degree of sass and class, fine tune the details and then let you strut your stuff.
MIKADO Marketing
Not to spill the beans but…We’re our own secret weapon; 
With a level of diversity to match that of our clients, MIKADO represents the far reaches of the globe. We can understand your marketplace and the forces that bind diverse communities into powerful strategic business entities. Diversity, efficiency, and creative sunshine that will dazzle you. We’ve got the guts to be risk takers and the ingenuity to be trailblazers. Because in the end it’s all about taking your creative intentions to the next level and providing cutting-edge strategies for today’s complex markets. That’s exactly what we’re equipped to do. Let us breath new life into your brand experience.
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You might say the "nature" of our success lies in our roots. 
As a team, we've grown from the depths of various international backgrounds to create a pool of unique yet global perspectives. This passion for diversity is what makes us strong.

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